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Application field of polypropylene fiber

- Apr 17, 2018 -

(1) industrial use

Polypropylene fiber has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, good chemical resistance, good microbial resistance and low price, so it is widely used in industrial fields such as rope, fishing net, safety belt, bag belt, safety net, sewing thread, cable wrapping, geotextile, filter cloth, paper felt and paper reinforcement.

With the rapid development of chemical, environmental and new energy industry, as a filter material, polypropylene fiber has a good use prospect. The new technology makes polypropylene fiber high filtration efficiency, high strength, light quality, good stability to chemical drugs, and good peeling property of the filter. Therefore, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, battery and other industries as a hydrophilic membrane, ion exchange membrane and other functional products, has a good momentum of development, is a new high-tech product to enhance the added value of polypropylene fiber.

(2) nonwovens and polypropylene fiber for medical and health

Polypropylene fiber nonwovens can be used for disposable sanitary products, such as sanitary napkins, surgical gowns, hats, masks, bedding, diaper fabrics and so on. Women's sanitary napkins, disposable baby and adult diapers have become common products for people's daily consumption. In addition, the polypropylene fiber modified by chemical or physical modification can have various functions such as exchange, heat storage, conduction, antibacterial, odor elimination, UV shielding, adsorption, desquamation, isolation and agglutination, etc., and will become important in a variety of medical fields, such as artificial kidney, artificial lung, artificial blood vessel, operation line and sucking gauze. Material Science。 There are more and more markets for labor insurance clothing, disposable respirators, hats, surgical gowns, sheets, pillowcases and mats.