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Classification of polypropylene fiber

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Polypropylene fiber can be divided into long fiber, short fiber, spun nonwoven fabric and so on.

Polypropylene long fiber can be divided into ordinary long fiber and fine denier long fiber (monofilament size less than 2.2 dtex), which can be used to produce clothing and decoration and some industrial filament products. Polypropylene fine denier long fiber has good luster, soft hand, good drapability and small density. It is suitable for knitting industry. When it is interwoven with cotton, viscose silk, silk, spandex and other products, it is an ideal material for making high grade sports clothes and T-shirts.

The production process of polypropylene staple fiber is mostly porous, low speed and continuous technology, that is short spinning process. Polypropylene staple fiber and cotton blend, can make cotton fine cloth, bed sheet, fiber and viscose blend can be made of blankets, polypropylene pure spinning and blended wool yarn, polypropylene blanket, carpet, polypropylene cotton fume filter. The thickness of fiber for hygiene products is 1.5-2.5dtex, and the thickness of ground fabric is 5-10 dtex. The fiber length is 1.5-200.0 mm, depending on the use of fiber. The length of the short fiber used for concrete is 1.5-200.0 mm, and the length of the diaper is generally 40 mm, and the length of the ground fabric is 60 mm.

Spun nonwoven fabric, also called filament nonwoven fabric, is made of polypropylene raw material after melting, extruded, stretched, netted and bonded. It has the characteristics of short process, low cost, high productivity, good product performance and wide range of uses. Polypropylene nonwoven fabric is widely used in all fields of production and life (such as disposable medical and health products, a antifouling suit, agricultural cloth, furniture cloth, lining of shoe making industry, etc.).