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Features and uses of protective clothing

- Apr 17, 2018 -

1: ordinary PP non-woven protective clothing (breathable, dustproof, no waterproof, good tensile strength, the positive and negative difference is not obvious, used in ordinary clean environment, for example: electronic factory, farm, food factory, industrial production workshop dustproof, leaders visit the inspection work. Such as the general environment.

2: peritoneum non-woven protective clothing (breathable, waterproof, septum effect good, obvious positive and negative distinction, the body contact side is non-woven fabric, no allergy, good feel, outside a plastic membrane anti liquid leakage, used in the use of pollution and viruses, the main use of the hospital infection ward is the film covered without textile cloth. " Take care of the clothes.

3:SMS non-woven fabric protective clothing (three layers of composite non-woven fabric, a layer of waterproof septum in the middle, the outer layer of sesame dot PP non-woven fabric, strong pulling force, a septum waterproof and breathable function. It is generally used in 100 thousand level purification environment, such as bacterial culture laboratory, aseptic surgical operation room, etc. )

4: air permeable membrane non-woven protective clothing (septum, waterproof, micro air permeability, soft texture, is the most advanced medical protective clothing for medical protection, the inner layer is 40 grams of high-grade filament non-woven fabric, the outer abdomen has a layer of 20 grams of single direction breathable membrane. It's characteristic is that the sweat of the body can be emitted outwards, while the harmful gases and moisture outside can not invade.