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Market analysis of SMS nonwovens for surgical operations

- Apr 17, 2018 -

The annual growth rate of the global medical dressing market is over 10%. The demand for medical dressings in China is increasing and the export volume of the international market is increasing, which has accelerated the rapid development of the industry. In the 1-6 month of 2011, China's monthly export was 200 million dollars, the export volume was 1 billion 154 million dollars, an increase of 108.25%, of which the middle and low end dressings (cotton, gauze, bandage, cotton operating towel, nonwoven mask, isolated clothing, etc.) accounted for 70% of the export volume, the product added value was not high, the technical content was low, the average price was only 1/8 of the European and American products of the same kind. The new high end dressings (hydrogel, hydrocolloid, transparent dressing, hemostat, adhesive dressing, microorganism, bionic organ, aseptic bowel line and Kun cloth) will maintain a strong growth trend. To gain more market share, it is necessary to break through the existing production model, improve the technological innovation ability and accelerate the industry promotion. Grade and product replacement to achieve sustainable development.

CHMTA is a professional exhibition of medical dressings based on medical supplies, material consumables and medical textiles. It covers traditional dressings, adhesive dressings, surgical supplies, protective materials, hemostat materials, medical nonwovens, functional biomaterials and other high value-added industrial chains, and brings together the industry processing system. The leading brand of manufacturers is the most international, specialized and scientific technology. It is regularly held in Shanghai in September, and it is called "Asia Pacific dressing consumables first exhibition".