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Technology and characteristics of melt blown nonwoven fabric

- Apr 17, 2018 -

End type: This is another kind of polymer in the Trifolium, cross and end, such as antistatic, humid, conductive fiber can be compound on the top of conductive polymer, not only wet, but also conductive, antistatic, and save the amount of conductive polymer.

Fine denier type: it can adopt orange petal, strip stripped components, or island type components. Two kinds of incompatible polymers are split into ultrafine fiber net, even nanofiber net, such as the spalling double component fiber developed by Kimberly-Clark, that is, the double component fibers made of two incompatible polymers are less than one second in hot water, and the two kinds of polymers can be made into superfine fiber net with the characteristics of full peeling. The island type has to dissolve the sea and get the tiny island fiber net.

Mixed type: it is a combination of different materials, different colors, different fibers, different cross section shapes, even with the parallel core of the skin core, and has a fiber net with two components, so that the fiber has the required properties. This kind of melt spray double component fiber nonwovens or mixed fiber nonwovens and the general melt blown fiber products can further improve the filtration of the filter media, and make the filter medium antistatic, conductive, hygroscopic, enhanced barrier and so on, or improve the adhesion, fluffy and air permeability of the fiber net.