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Development Of Melt Blown Nonwovens Technology -- Melt Blown Nanofibers

- Apr 17, 2018 -

In the past, the development of melt blown fiber was based on the patented technology of Exxon, but in recent years, many companies in the world have broken through the development of Exxon technology to the finer nano fiber.

In order to spun nanofibers, the spinnerets are much thinner than those on the ordinary melt blown equipment. When NTI can be used to be 0.0635 millimeters (63.5 microns) or 0.0025 English, the module structure of the spinneret can be combined into a total width of more than 3 meters. So the diameter of melt blown fiber is about 500 nm. The most fine single fiber diameter up to 200 nm.

As the spray hole of the nanofiber spinning is small, the output will be greatly reduced if no measures are taken, so the number of holes in the hole is increased by NTI, and each spinneret has 3 rows or more rows of spinnerets. A lot of unit components (depending on the width) are combined together, and the output will be greatly improved when spinning. The actual situation is that when a 63.5 micron hole is adopted, the number of holes in a single row of spinnerets per meter is 2880. If three rows are adopted, the number of holes per meter can reach 8640 holes, so that the output can be equivalent to that of the spun ordinary melted fiber.

Because of high density holes, thin shotsprays are expensive and easy to crack (cracking under high pressure), so companies have developed a new bonding technology to enhance the fastness of the spinneret, so that it does not leak out of high pressure.