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Exhaust Gas Purification Equipment For Setting Machine

- Apr 17, 2018 -

The waste heat recovery and purification equipment of stereotype machine is a product specially developed for the purification of exhaust gases from printing and dyeing, leather making and other industries. The exhaust gas discharge system of the stereotype machine has the characteristics of high temperature and large exhaust volume, and the exhaust gas contains oil, wax, steam and wool. Directly into the atmosphere, causing great heat loss and seriously polluting the environment. On-site experience, the effect of removing oil, smoke and odor is obvious.

The equipment effectively purify the vaporization of oil, smoke and dust in the exhaust gas to ensure the emission of the exhaust gas of the setting machine, and also ensure the inflammable and explosive safety problems in the process of purifying the exhaust gas of the setting machine. The device is modular design and suitable for brand installation of different molding machines. The utility model has the advantages of small footprint, simple installation, simple and convenient use and maintenance.